10 Phrases Help to Calm Down Child’s Anger

Having a child is bliss but at the same time, it is a huge responsibility for parents to take care of their physical and mental health. Kids are not very good at expressing themselves, hence we see a lot of child anger. As parents, it is a difficult yet very important job to handle child anger properly. Using calm down phrases for kids can be very useful. These calm down phrases for kids can lower the temperature down immediately.

You are not alone: Kids feel alone and they resonate it through anger and tantrums. Sometimes when there is too much stopping them from being naughty, they start to feel that nobody is at their side. So if you only start with ‘you are not alone’, it will be enough for a child to calm down.

It is ok if you are angry: Child anger is as natural as any other. You need to calm yourself down and instead of flipping out tell your child that it is ok if you are angry, mommy/daddy also gets angry sometimes.

How can I help you: Maybe the bout of anger in your child is all a call for help. Just ask your child how you can help him and it might diffuse the situation to talk.

I know it is upsetting: there are events in life that would upset anyone, for example falling off ice cream. An adult would be as upset but kids do not know how to handle it. Validate their feelings that you know it is upsetting, regardless how minor it is for you as an adult.

Do you want to start over: If child anger is the result of frustration of not being able to complete something, politely ask the child ‘do you want to start over’. It will do magic, and also extend your help if needed.

Let’s try to fix it: A frustrating situation for a child can also be deflated by saying ‘let’s try to fix it’. The child will feel that he has helped and would calm down to fix the project.

You are safe with me: insecurity comes out in anger and makes your child anxious. You can fix it just by hugging your child so that he/she is safe with you. Parents sometimes do not understand but words have so much significance.

You can talk whenever you feel like, I am here: This is tricky, regardless of how polite you are, there is a possibility that your child is not ready to calm down or talk. In these stances, just tell your child that you are here for him/her and they can talk whenever they are ready.

I am going to: you can also say that you are going to wait for your child to be calmed and hug. This way the child will be aware that the parent is there and waiting.

I Love You: All the calm down phrases for kids are used to tell children that they are not alone. However, sometimes all it is needed is the reassurance that you love your child. Keep telling your child that you love him/her and give lots of hugs.

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