5 Ways to Help Your Child With Separation Anxiety in Preschool

Children are so fragile that they can observe and get affected by minor things. Toddlers are so attached to their parents that they feel so anxious about being separated from their parents and start developing separation anxiety. It is quite normal if your child is having signs of separation anxiety like clinginess, crying on minor things. Kids Separation Anxiety in preschool is just so normal so you do not need to get worried but try to fix it. 

Here are some of the tips to help your child with separation anxiety in preschool.

Goodbye Ritual

Kids understand those things, which are represented to them in a fun or interesting manner. To help your child to cope with separation anxiety in preschool, create a specific interesting goodbye ritual. It can be any sweet gesture like waving differently, a special hug, or leaving a love note in their lunch box ensuring them that you love them and return soon to pick them up.

Schedule a visit to the school before the first day

Make a visit to the school with your child. Introduce him to the school and different areas of it. In this way, he will explore different interesting things about preschool and will feel like coming again and enjoying it. When he will experience things with you in preschool, he will feel confident.

Try to be on time to pick up

Your kid will definitely want to see you after school as soon as possible. So try not to be late to pick him up. If so he will feel so low and make him even more upset about being separated. Try to make picking him up more interesting and exciting. 

Send positive signals

Not only your child but also you will also feel worried about being separated from your child. However, try not to show it to them. Kids observe and get positive and negative vibes from their parents. Try to be happy and enthusiastic while leaving him at preschool. This way he will feel less upset and feel positive all day.

Schedule some fun activities after preschool

Make your kid enthusiastic about the preschool fun. Tell him about the new things and make new friends in preschool. Anxiety in preschool will make him sad more often so you need to schedule some fun activities for your kid after preschool. Talk to him about those activities so he /she will feel excited all day to get back to his/her parents and enjoy those activities.

Bottom Line

Separation anxiety is normal in kids and it will be upsetting in the beginning but adopting some of the tricks to cope with it will make it better after some time. Preschool is an overwhelming experience for both kids and parents. So it should be handled with sensibility. As kids have sensitive minds so there are certain ways to make them calm about the changes in life. Treat them gently and be patient with them because they will give you a tough time while adjusting to new changes in their lives. 

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