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Speech is a milestone that parents look forward to impatiently the moment their child is born. The common time of kids’ speech is somewhere between one year to eighteen months. However, the journey of language development of babies starts way before this time.

Language in Womb

Babies start to collect the data of their mother language when they are already in the womb. This process mostly happens in the last trimester of the pregnancy. It is the time when language development in babies starts and they can comprehend that their mother is talking or someone close to them is talking. This is the reason babies can relate to their mothers as soon as they are born.


This language development in babies can easily be tested through infrared spectroscopy. It can check all the changes in a baby’s speech when the baby is still in the womb. Nowadays doctors suggest talking to babies when they are still in the womb for this reason. The stress and language everything directly reach the kids. The more talk you do with your baby in the womb, the better impact you will see in the kids.

Shortly before Birth

Now this language development in babies is much more efficient in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Researchers noticed a huge difference in the speech of babies who were born full term and the ones who were premature. Premature babies lacked some language skills that were much visible in the full term babies. They come out with the conclusion that the last few weeks of pregnancy are very crucial in the language development of babies.

So being born prematurely is perfectly fine but it does deprive the baby of some benefits of language development. The baby has to learn these skills outside of the world. It does affect their overall progress in the language. We have seen little babies responding to songs that their mothers heard by the end of pregnancy. That is a very clear indication of language development in the later pregnancy.

Early Development of Language

Early language development in kids depends a lot on their skill that was developed in the wombs of their mothers. The kids learn the language quicker and language acquisition becomes easier for them. Language development in babies has a lot of factors. You can make up for the language development your baby lost for being premature by introducing the right sort of resources that speed up the process.

Final Words

Language development in babies starts from the womb and there is no doubt in the fact that mothers play a huge role in the early phase of language. The more a mother and people around her show consideration towards this fact the better results you will see in kids. The sounds and language will have a direct impact on the language development of the baby. It will facilitate the later stages of language acquisition in your kids. A little information regarding this matter can be a real speech booster for your baby.

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