Little Lessons for Kids to Learn Before School

Many parents are apprehensive about sending their children to school for the first time. They are concerned about their child's ability to adjust to a new setting. Is he going to be able to make friends? Will they be able to tell the teacher what they need? Here are a few little lessons for kids to learn before school.

Basic Introduction:

Wherever we go for the first time, be it school or a workplace, we are asked to introduce ourselves first. Therefore, on their first day at school, a kid should be able to introduce himself or herself well. A child should learn about their name, parent’s name, age and gender, in order to communicate with their teacher and classmates.  

Basic Information:

Before going to school, kids should learn at their places about basic things such as how to hold a pencil and how to write. They should also learn about alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, animals and things. It will enable them to work confidently among others and enhance their learning abilities. 

To Reciprocate to Instructions:

A child should learn how to respond when the teacher gives them certain instructions. For example, when a teacher asks you to stand up, the kid has to stand up or if a teacher asks you a question, the kid has to answer it. 

Basic Manners:

Lessons for kids should be arranged at home to teach them about how to behave in a classroom and certain basic manners, such as saying ‘thank you’ when someone helps/compliments/shares something with them, to say ‘sorry’ when they make a mistake, say ‘excuse me’ when they want to address someone. They should also learn not to hurt others and to wait for their turns. They should ask for permission before leaving the classroom or when borrowing something. In addition, they should learn to share things and what is theirs and what is not. 

Communicate them:

A child should learn before school how to express their needs to the teacher. If a kid feels the need to go to the washroom, they have to ask the teacher ‘Can I go to the washroom?’ Similarly, they should tell the teacher if they are having any problem, when they are feeling hungry, when someone hurts them. Most importantly, a kid should be taught about bad touch and gender distances before going to school. They should also know how to react in a situation when someone touches them inappropriately.

Working in groups:

In schools, certain activities are to be performed in groups and not every time you have the choice to work with your friends. To perform better in such situations, a kid should learn to be patient and cooperative. They should know how to express themselves as well as to respect others' perspectives. If playing in groups, a kid should be patient to wait for their turn to play with a toy or to take their turn on a swing. Learning this at an early age makes your child confident and adaptive in working with different people.

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