Things Your Kid Should Know Before Starting Preschool

Pre-schooling is a new phase of children in which he/she interacts with strangers or unknown people. Preschool training is necessary to improve a child's behavior and make them able to perform well in preschool. Starting preschool requires a friendly environment, it will enhance learning skills.

 Below are the things that your kid should know before starting preschool.

Basic Information:

Before starting preschool your kid should know basic information about himself/herself because they have to communicate, study, play with peers and it will be helpful to introduce themselves to others. Their name, parent’s names, and area they live in, gender must be remembered to them and it will make them feel confident while dealing with their classmates and teachers.

Basic Learning:

Before starting preschool your child should be able to hold and write with a pencil, recognize letters and shapes, color the pictures, count, and erase.

Respond to Instructions:

Your child should know how to respond to instructions what his/her instructor is saying to do so that they can learn schooling activities properly. Kids should be able to communicate with instructors or other kids so they can tell about their needs.


Using simple courtesy phrases will go a long way to help your child with others. Courtesy phrases like “thank you”, “please”, and “you are welcome” should be part of their daily communication.

Knowing their Interest:

Appreciate your child to take part in activities of their interest. Ask them about their hobbies and provide a friendly environment for them. If a child knows his interest and you provide enough opportunities to him/her to perform, it will surely enhance their skills. Try to do some fun activities.


Your child should know how to express his/her feelings, needs, or requirements. He/she must be emotionally mature enough to understand all the stuff like either happiness or sadness, needs a specific thing or not and he/she should do this or not. Be sensitive to others’ feelings too.

Group Activities:

Going to preschool means dealing with other students too, so before starting preschool your kid should be able to take part in-group activities and respect others' opinions. Your kind should know how to work independently and in-group activities so that it will be helpful for him to develop leadership qualities in the future.

Maintaining Gender Distance:

A child should have gender awareness and boundaries as well. It is essential to develop a sense of good touch and bad touch in the kids. It helps them to avoid abuse. 

Personal hygiene:

Personal hygiene is a basic requirement of every single person to avoid unpleasant circumstances. Cleaning the hands before and after meals should be exercised. A kid must know about toilet usage.

Basic Human Rights:

Kids should have an idea about basic human rights and must respect others’ rights. They should be able to make a difference between what they own and what belongs to others.


Make sure your child is aware of the idea of sharing.” Sharing is caring” is basic learning and it should be well practiced to them in preschool training.

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