What is the Right Time to Enroll Kids in Preschool

Most of the preschools accept kids of the age around 2-5 years. Usually working parents send their kids to the daycare but if someone wants to have their kids learn at an early age, then they opt for a preschool. New parents are often confused about what is the right time to send their kid to preschool. As it is a big decision for the parents to make for their kid, they should be well aware of the requirements for the preschool enrolment. It primarily depends upon the readiness of the kid.

Below are some of the points that will give parents an idea of whether their kid is ready to enroll in preschool or not.

Readiness to Spend Time Away from Parents

The -kids often spend their time with the parents and they are not habitual of staying away from the parents. If the kid is not trained to be away from his parents then it will be difficult for him to spend time in preschool without parents. The kid should be emotionally ready to be at preschool. To make him ready for preschool, start preparing him to be away from you so that he knows how to be without you.

Toilet Trained

Toilet trained kids have a sense of their needs. Some preschools require kids to be fully toilet trained so before starting preschool kids should be toilet trained so that they can be independent to go to toilets. They should have some awareness about self-care.

Capable of Communicating Needs

Kids in preschool are capable of communicating their needs. They should be able to tell what they need or what they want.


Some Attention Span/Able to Sit Still

Preschool enrollment is all about the readiness of the kid. The kid would have to sit still for some period to concentrate or to be with the group of kids. He should be able to sit still for story time or whatever activity is going on.

Able to Work on Projects

As preschool involves art and crafts projects that will require concentration. The kid would need an attention span to work on them and should have the ability to focus on the task given individually. If he needs any help, he should be able to ask someone for help.

Follow Instructions

The kids in preschool are expected to follow simple instructions like make a line, wash hands etc. Therefore, kids should be able to understand and follow these simple instructions prior to starting preschool.


Regular Schedule

Preschool has a regular schedule for the kids to follow. There would be a specific time for everything like lunch, nap etc. kids would have to follow that schedule and if they were not already trained for it then it would be difficult to manage. 

By accessing the above-mentioned details, parents would be able to determine the right time for their kid’s preschool enrolment. Make sure to have all of these things in mind, make your kid prepared and your kid would be good to go to his preschool.

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