Why Does Your Toddler Not Believe That Sharing Is Caring?

When our little baby turns into a toddler you do get overwhelmed. You know this person can understand you and the responsibility of teaching them everything is very clear to you. However, the toddlers are not really into listening yet and you would have to work a lot to get that attention. One of the biggest struggles faced by parents of toddlers is that their little kids do not believe that sharing is caring. It gets very ugly sometimes when your child simply does not want to share and some other child cries his\her lungs out. If you want to know why toddlers behave this way, keep reading.

Toddlers Know the Possession

Our little toddlers know when something belongs to them. There is no way that you can snatch something that they believe is theirs. So you can see when they do not think that sharing is caring, they are not being mean. They are just simply being themselves. Owning Something is their right and they are not completely wrong here.

Toddlers are not Socially Obligated

Adults do a lot of things out of social obligations. We are nice to a lot of people that we do not want to even say hi to. This is the adult business and toddlers do not care about it. They are clear in their mind, if they do not want to share something, they do not care for impressions and judgments. This makes the answer to the question of how to teach a toddler to share even harder. 

How to Promote Healthy Sharing

As good as being yourself is, it is still the parents’ and guardian's responsibility to teach the toddler to share. You can not do it with long speeches because let us be honest we all know nobody listens to those. Keep your strategies short and seamless. No long lectures or snatching should be involved. Toddlers do not want to listen to your lectures and snatching is downright disrespectful.

No Pressure

The whole journey of teaching your toddler that sharing is caring starts with consent. You have to accept the fact that the things your child owns are his/her. You can not just donate or gift them to others without their consent. Respect your toddler's boundaries. Deal with very respect when you want them to share their stuff with others. It can be food, toys or clothes. Just ask them politely and do not keep repeating it. The more you say, it will lose its impact.

Self Balancing

When you teach a toddler to share, the thing you are supposed to do the most is teaching them self regulation. Teach them that if they feel like they are done playing with a toy, they can pass it on. Similarly, to give them different options and make a decision of sharing is caring. Everything will work out well only if you teach them to do it on their own. When a toddler gets independent with a full guideline, that is when they behave their best.

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