5 Ways to Handle Kids Embarrassing Comments

Kids are the joy of our lives. They spread happiness through innocent talks and games. However, this does turn into an embarrassment fest for parents because of no filters. Kids do not think before they say things. They observe and say whatever they feel like. This does put parents into awkward situations. Sometimes in the middle of a party, your kid says something and you can not decide if you should laugh or cry. These cringe moments need to be tackled with care and sensibility. Any abrupt and loud reaction can change the way your child sees the world. Here are some ways to handle these kids' embarrassing comments without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Stay Cool

One thing that you need to know as a parent is that nothing your child is saying on purpose. They are still learning a lot of things and impulse control. Public comments by kids are a show of their innocence. You need to be calm and not react. A sudden and loud reaction can backfire. Your child can use these comments to seek attention later. So just gently reply and not give any more ammunition to the situation. A neutral expression would be the best approach.

Answer the Curiosities

Not all public comments by kids are embarrassing. A lot of the time kids ask questions that are embarrassing but those questions are coming from sheer curiosity. Do not sush your kids when they ask awkward questions. Instead, try to answer their questions. If you are not at the right place to answer it, assure your child that you will reply to them once you get home. 

Say Nothing

There are moments when kids' embarrassing comments are inappropriate but not completely wrong. For example, you are standing in a line and someone breaks it and the child shouts that someone broke the line. Now the kid's reaction is impulsive but the notion is not wrong. So with these kinds of kids embarrassing comments, it is a better strategy to stay quiet instead of saying anything. Just behave that you did not hear because your child said the right thing and you do not want to correct it. These social etiquettes come with experience and your child will develop with time soon.

Keep it Short

If public comments by kids need to be corrected, make sure to keep it short. A long speech is not required and the child would not listen to it either. Do make correction thoughts when your child is being disrespectful or hurtful. You can apologize too on the behalf of your child and then explain to the child why the comments were wrong.

Role Model

We do not pay attention but kids are observing us all the time. So if you tend to be a gossipy person your child would copy that too. To avoid kids embarrassing comments make some amends in your own approach too. Try to be precise and not make any comments in front of the child that they would pick and repeat later.

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