Don’t Ignore Crying Baby: Understand Through 4 Reasons

Ignoring a crying baby has been suggested by older people for ages. They believe that if we let a baby cry, it develops independent behavior in them. Picking up can make them want their parents all the time. This is true to some extent but there is a limit to it. You can not expect your child to soothe himself when he actually needs you. So you will have to set a limit when you actually should pick up the baby. Completely ignoring your crying baby can have repercussions that you will be regretting. Here are reasons that you should consider before you ignore your crying baby.

Anxiety in Kids

Anxiety in kids is very common. You will find it surprising that it roots a lot of the time in the baby stage of your child. As babies, they were unable to find the support in the time that sowed the seed of anxiety in them. This is a major reason you should never ignore a crying baby. Whenever you feel that your baby is crying more than usual, insanely tend to them. You do not want to make emotionally unstable kids with anxiety. Reasons for baby crying can be different but the result can be the same drastic.

Abandonment Issues

When your little baby is crying, she is asking for your support. Babies recognize their parents' touch and want them to pick them when they require. When you leave the baby, the baby feels like you have abandoned them. You will find similar abandonment issues in older kids. Experts say that these issues have a relation to the time when they were left crying. Babies look for reassurance from their parents. They need to know that you love them and if you do not do that at the time they need, it does not give you pleasant results.

Trust Issues

Sometimes adults have no idea that their actions with babies build the personality of your child. When you ignore a crying baby, the baby starts having trust issues at such a tender age. Later, this becomes a permanent part of the kid's personality. This will hurt them in their adulthood too. So if you ever heard that come on it is just a baby crying then you need to shrug it off and still pick your baby up. The more you do it the worse trust issues your child is going to have. 

Aggression in Later Life

You see excessively aggressive people in life and wonder why they are so violent. Child psychology experts think that this is also a product of when you leave a  baby crying alone. Like any human, they develop resentment for their parents and it translates into their aggressive and violent personalities.

Final Words

Whatever the reasons for the baby crying, you should pick your baby up after some time. There is always a reasonable time, after that you are just hurting the baby. Trust your gut and pick the baby up to raise a mentally healthy baby. It all lies in your hands and starts from day one of your child’s birth.

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