How to React When Your Kid Refuses to Go to School

Sending a child to school is a big step for parents and kids. This day brings lots of bitter-sweet moments. A lot of kids go to school smoothly and easily settle in. Some kids, however, struggle to adjust to school and they refuse to go in any case. This is an exam for parents’ patience. Let’s talk about this much-needed topic and understand the reason and how to react when your kid refuses to go to school.

School Refusal

The kids who refuse to go to school have a lot of underlying factors. They find the idea of going to school extremely upsetting and just plain say no to school. It can mean that your child is finding it hard to leave you, maybe something is bothering them at school. In any case, you need to look into this matter to solve it.

Indication of School Refusal

When a child refuses to go school, he might not just simply say it out loud. There can be multiple signs that can indicate that your child does not want to go to school. Here are some common signs kids show when they do not want to go to school.

Throw tantrums and cry and scream

Just get freeze and do not move at all

Beg you to not send them to school

Higher anxiety 

Disturbed sleeping pattern

Lock or hide

Now, these signs clearly show that when your child refuses to go school, he is going through a much bigger problem. Going to school is disturbing the mental health of your child. The anxiety level of kids who do not want to go to school is pretty high. Kids are still learning to regulate their emotions so it is hard for them to articulate their emotions. Instead, they use the above to show their frustration. 

How to React to School Refusal

The signs we have discussed are pretty harsh and parents can be overwhelmed with the daily refusal to go to school. However, you need to understand that your child refuses to go school, not because he just wants to make trouble for you. There is always something that is bothering them and you as parents/guardians need to address that. Here are some ways you can use to calm your kids down.

I saw:

This might sound weird to you but you have to tell your child that you saw he/she was crying. It shows that you do not ignore your child and are ready to listen. Validate their feelings that yes it is hard to go to school sometimes.

Let’s take a deep breath

When your child throws a tantrum and does not want to go to school, do not scold. Just stay calm and ask your child to take a deep breath. It will calm down the situation and you can talk to your child.

Remember fun times in School

If your child plain does not like school, try to remind him of the good time in school that he enjoyed.

I Love You

The reassurance of love from parents is the biggest problem solver. It gives your child the trust to share openly.

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