What Keeps Kids Away From Playing at Daycare?

For many parents staying at home to take care of their kids is not feasible in order to meet financial needs or the urge of giving your child the best possible lifestyle. Working with both genders side by side is a necessity of our society nowadays. Many working families cannot afford to have at least one parent stay home with children. Daycare is the best solution to this modern issue but kids do not feel the home environment there so here are some factors, which keep kids away from playing at daycare.

Electronic gadgets:

Playing at daycare is majorly affected by the excessive use of electronic gadgets. They prefer these gadgets to physical activities. Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops are very common in every age group. Kids spend most of their time using these gadgets, which makes them annoying. These gadgets keep their brain continuously busy without doing anything physically so it affects their mental health, lowers their IQ level, sleeplessness, and irritation.

Unfamiliar faces:

Kids going to daycare do not feel cozy as they feel at home. Sometimes even staff over there is not cooperative enough and kids do not feel comfortable. At daycare, a child misses his family and hardly attaches to staff. They do not feel free to do activities because they are not along with their siblings, cousins, or any close relation there. Very new environment makes them introverted or shy. Staying away from parents and dealing with daycare staff influence their playing so they do not take part in daycare activities properly.

Lack of freedom:

There are only a few specific activities for kids at daycare. Repetitive daycare activities result in boredom. They cannot do all the things according to their own choice. All the time they need permission from their instructor which somewhat suppresses their personality.


It is normal for kids to experience sadness and loneliness when they are not at home. That is why they experience homesickness, which is quite normal. Children show signs of fear or anxiety, which results in them not taking part in daycare activities.

Lack of social interaction:

At daycare kids come from different backgrounds, families, or maybe religions too it influences their interaction with each other. It takes time to feel comfortable with new fellows. They do not mix up with each other easily and do not take part in-group activities happily. They might feel forced in that environment.

Lack of facilities:

Daycares have limited space, small playing areas, and lesser facilities as compared to a proper home, which results in affecting their playing at daycare. Most daycares are in the indoor spaces that also limit mobilization for kids. Eventually their activities are limited to indoor options. 

Health issues:

Kids' health is a very important factor. Poor health conditions result in laziness and not doing anything physical. If a child is sound and healthy he will take part in daycare activities actively but if a kid is physically or mentally unfit he will not be able to take part in daycare activities. 

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