10 Educational Tracing Activities for Kids You Need to Know

Holding a pencil and then writing is a huge milestone for kids. Parents work hard to make sure their kids learn it properly. Tracing activities for kids are known to be helpful in making kids learn writing. It can be a tedious process if there is not much to have fun around. However, if you break the tracing activities into different parts, it will be fun for you and your kids. Here are some tracing activities that you can introduce to your kids.

Shapes Tracing

Shapes are far more fun than letters and numbers. So if you are just starting tracing activities with kids then start it with classic and easy shapes. You can teach them tracing while asking the names of each shape. It will be a two in one great lesson. Make sure to use colorful pencils initially so kids show interest in tracing activities.

Different Sizes of Shapes Tracing

The next step is to introduce your kids to different sizes of shapes. Ask your child to trace different shapes of different sizes. This will help your child have more control over the pencil grip.

Winter clothes Tracing

It is a very common complaint by parents that kids do not want to trace the normal objects that come in the traditional books. You can break the monotony by getting winter clothes printed and asking your child to trace them. You can also get clothes of different seasons printed and ask the child to trace only winter clothes. This way you will be teaching two things at the same time.

Summer Clothes Tracing

Tracing activities for kids can have variations. For example, you can use the same activity for summer clothes too and change them according to the weather.

Animals Tracing

Animal tracing also attracts kids. Kids love animals and they have favorites too. You can have sheets printed with animals and ask them to trace only their favorite animals. 

Birds Tracing

Similarly, you can make a lot of tracing activities for kids with the use of printed sheets with birds. You can ask them to sort births with colors and sizes with the help of tracing.

Favorite Cartoon Character Tracing

You can use your kids’ favorite toys and cartoon characters to entice your kids to trace too. Tracing activities that involve kids’ favorite cartoon characters and superheroes encourage kids to take part.

Numbers Tracing

When you have the attention of your child towards tracing activities, you can introduce them to numbers. Use the magic of counting to grab the attention of your child. Also, do tell them the importance of knowing numbers and their tracing with examples of chocolates and candies.

Letters Tracing

Now you can have tracing activities for kids that have letters involved in them. Make sure to break the repetition with a mix of lower case and upper case letters. During the activity, you can talk about the use of letters too.

Tracing Mazes

Mazes are always fun. They do not lose their charm even when we are adults. Use the same charm to attract your kids to trace. Tracing mazes will improve your kids’ grip on pencils.

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