How to Improve Toddler Sensory Skills with Games?

Having a toddler is a job of great responsibility. They are turning into humans with understanding. At times, it does get scary when as a parent or guardian you find yourself responsible for molding a human. However, you are fully capable. You just need a little help. Toddlers are very good at picking up sensory skills. You can help them improve these skills by playing toddler sensory games with them. Here is how you can play a great role in improving your child’s sensory skills.

Let them Eat by Themselves

Letting toddlers eat by themselves can be a great help in their sensory skills. It would be messy but the results will be outstanding. Giving toddlers a little control over their lives can change your and your toddler’s life. They learn the process by trying multiple ways. First, your toddler will learn how to use forks and spoons.

Give them Chores

This would sound a little weird to you but let us tell you that toddlers are perfectly ready to help you do little chores. Assign them little tasks such as cleaning their own table and putting their dishes away. All of these little exercises will be an immense help in their sensory skills


Yeah we know the list is getting weirder but this is the way to go. Instead of asking your toddlers to stop jumping. Provide them space where they can jump safely. The jumps will be wobbly at the start but soon you will see the balancing in their jumps. Toddler sensory games can be very facilitating in making your kids’ have better sensory skills.

Paint and Colors

As we said, the mess is the way to your toddlers’ better sensory skills. Hand them over some paints and papers and let them be creative. Creativity brings the best out of kids. If you really do not want a mess then with toddlers you can have mess-free sensory games too. Just put blank paper and some oil or watercolor in a zip lock bag. Zip the bag properly and give it to your toddler. Watch your toddler make a piece of art in the ziplock bag.


Good old-school gardening is still one of the best toddler sensory games. This activity will be so much fun for you and your toddler. Just go into the garden or bring in a pot. Dig up the dirt and put the seed in it. Water the seed and observe the plant in the coming days. This will be great for sensory skills.

Tasting Activity

We all face problems while feeding kids but what if we change it into toddler sensory games. Turn mealtime into taste checking activities. Take the opinion of the toddler about the food. The taste buds of your toddler will get to taste new things while your toddler enjoys the activity.

Create Music with Innovation

This will be more fun for the toddler as these little things love loud noises. All you need is to take some unbreakable things and give them to your toddler. Sit with your child and try to create music through those things.

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