5 Must-Have Stationery Items That Every Kid Should Carry

Stationary is the foremost essential item in everyone's life. These are the tools that help in education. You somehow always carry them around. These are the things that every child needs for education. Being a parent, you should provide all the necessary stationery items for their schooling. A kid must have all the equipment in his school bag. Stationery items are usually cheap and are available easily.

Here are the five essential stationery tools that every kid must have:


Pencil is regarded as one of the best stationery items. A pencil is a safe and smart tool. Every school-going kid needs a pencil. It is made of wood with a granite lead in it. A child learns to write using it. A good quality pencil plays a very important role in the writing of the child. A pencil is available in different qualities. A pencil used for writing is different from drawing pencils. Color Pencils are used for coloring.


Eraser is another important stationery item. It is used to erase the writings of a pencil.  It helps to remove and correct writing mistakes. A child makes too many mistakes while learning to write. It can remove the pencil's written work by just rubbing it. A good quality eraser removes errors or drawings of a pencil while keeping the paper surface neat and clean.


Another must-have stationery item is a sharpener. It is a tool with a steel blade. It is used to sharpen the pencil's writing point. It is a handy tool. Kids usually break their pencil tips a lot. A sharpener can fix their pencil tip easily. The sharpener can make a broken pencil write again. A fine-quality sharpener sharpens the pencil nicely without breaking the lead of a pencil. A sharpener can be a little dangerous. The kids must hold it carefully because it has a blade in it.


A ruler or scale is necessary stationary equipment. A stationery kit is incomplete without a ruler. It helps in drawing straight margin lines. It also helps in taking small measurements. It has measurements in inches and centimeters. It is a cheap product. It is a productivity tool.

Pencil case:

A pencil case is just as important as a pencil itself. A kid should have a pencil case in his bag. It keeps all of the stationery items safe and sound. Kids are always at risk of losing their stationery. 

A pencil case reduces the risk of losing stationery items. The pencil case comes in different colors and designs a kid can choose from his own choice. They are also available in many qualities such as plastic, steel, and fabric. A pencil case can also be beautiful, made of carved wood. Having a Pencil case reminds you of where to look for your desired stationery.

Final Verdict:

Stationery items are the essentials of everyone's life. Stationery plays an important role in our life. We work using stationery starting from our school life till the end. Stationery is the forever necessity of human beings. A school-going kid must have a complete stationery kit. Kids having a complete set of stationery items make them confident. It helps them in their education.

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