5 School Supplies That You Cannot Miss at First Day of School

Almost everyone gets excited for their first day at school. Sometimes you get nervous about what you need to have and how it would be. You should calm yourself and get yourself managed in order to be prepared for it.   Some essentials should be with you on that day.  There should be some guidelines for this so that day goes well at least from your side. Therefore, here are 5 school supplies that you cannot miss on the first day of school.


As you go to school for studying and learning, you should have all the stationary essentials with you. You would have to note something so pencil should be with you. Notebooks, to write on them. Stationery includes pencil, eraser, sharpener etc. It should be in a pencil box so you can find them easily whenever required. Make sure that you have everything that you might need. Have some extra stationery with you as well, in case your stationery does not work.  In this way, you would not have to ask anyone for anything.


There would probably not be a proper study lecture on the first day of school. However, keep yourself equipped with the course books. You should have the course books so that you can get along with your teachers. Probably there would be some introductory lectures on your course outlines so having course books with you is important.

Lunch box

At the middle of the day, you might get hungry so you should have a lunch box with you. It should be something that you like to eat. As it will be your first day at school that is why you would have no idea about the food quality at all. Therefore, you should be having your own food with you. Avoid eating whatever you find there in the canteen. Bring something healthy in your lunch box so that you remain healthy and active to concentrate and study. 


Make yourself fully prepared by containing all the essentials in your bag. Your bag would have your course books, notebooks, pencil box, lunch box. These things should be well organized so that you can find them easily whenever you need them. Make your bag ready in the manner that it would have space for additional things as well. The bag should be neither big nor too small so that you can carry it easily yet you can put anything you want in it.

Admission Letter

Admission letter is one of the essentials for your first day of school. You should be having your admission letter on the first day at school. You will need the letter to sit in the classroom. You will need to have proof of your admission so that the class teacher gets to know about you. 

Above-mentioned school supplies are essentials that you must have with you on the first day. Make yourself organized and intact to have a good day at school. Make sure to have all the above things with you so that all goes well in school. That would be the memorable day of your life. 

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