What Does Science Have to Say About Kid's Love for Superhero Stationery Items?

Do we even remember that since when our children are obsessed with superheroes? As soon as kids start to understand cartoons and other things, their love for superheroes begins. From superman to spiderman and from batman to Wonderwoman, kids can not stop gushing about them. This also influences kids’ choice of fancy stationery items. Which means they want their fancy stationery items to have superheroes on them.

Superhero stationery items are easily available in the market now. Parents are amazed by kids’ love for superhero stationery items and want to know if there is some science behind it. So we are going to tell you that, yes, there is science. There is psychological science behind kids’ obsession with superhero stationery items. So if you are curious too then let us inform you about why superheroes have so much influence on kids.

Role Models

Kids are told so many goody-good things all day long. However, kids are more observers and they observe that older people do not follow these things all the time. Their tiny brains can see people on screen such as superman who is so helpful and nice to people. So by definition of nice and kind people, they are automatically inclined towards superheroes. Superheroes are more role models to them and that is why they like to have superhero stationery items. They see their role models on the stationery items and it makes them feel happy.


One of the biggest factors about kids is that they have individuality. Most of the time they see resistance from people around them towards their individuality. This is a similar factor they notice in superheroes. They are different from other people in their world. Kids relate to this in superheroes. They feel like they are both feeling the same things. This is the reason all the kids have their own specific favorite superhero. It is because each of them relates to a different superhero. So when they see fancy stationery items, they prefer the ones with their favorite superheroes. 


Kids are mostly still in the process of finding their confidence. Here on screen, they see a guy who is extremely confident in whatever he does. This trait of his is loved by kids. Kids usually just wish that they could do whatever they want. They see the superhero doing all the things with confidence. That is why I sometimes see kids doing dangerous stunts too. 

Final Words

Psychological sciences have proved that kids see superheroes as ideals. Superheroes do things that kids are told are not allowed. So as kids agree with parents they love to see someone doing things on the screen. So they love to buy superhero stationery items with their favorite person on them. The brain releases oxytocin and they feel happy whenever they see their favorite superheroes. Having them on their stationery items means they can see them whenever they want. So this is the simple science behind kids loving superhero stationery items and always asking to buy them from the store.

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