5 Strategies to Improve or Encourage Self-Guided Learnings in Kids

Self-guiding is a great skill that every kid should be taught. Nowadays parents are involved in every aspect of their kid’s life more than ever before. It is a good thing but overdoing it can take something away from your child. It is also important for your child to learn to be completely independent and make decisions. Self-guided learning in kids is a hard job for parents but you have to do it for the greater good of your child. Kids self-learning can be triggered by a few parenting strategies. To improve kids self-learning you can use these strategies.

Free Play Time

Parenting has become a lot about the routines and timetables which is very good. However, sometimes it is good to let go of your children and let them play on their own. If they are drawing then let them draw as many lines as they want. Do not try to tame every line. They will learn through trying again and that is the first rule of self-guided learning in kids

Do not Interrupt your Child

Parents tend to constantly guide kids and interrupt their playtime. When your child is playing with some toy and you believe this is not the way to play with this toy but you should not disturb your child’s play because he might not be playing the game you have in your head. Kids are very creative and they can play with a toy in different ways. The same goes for books. If your child wants to skip a and wants to learn about words made with B then let him learn those words. Micromanaging by parents can disturb kids self-learning.

Entice their Internal Motivation

This is an excellent way to trigger self-guided learning in kids. Instead of putting everything away, sometimes put a new toy or some art supplies in their room. Let them open and play with it. You will see some great results. The new art supplies will entice them to make something new. Also, make sure that the kids have access to their toys and art supplies so they can create something when they have an idea. A sense of responsibility would come in the kids with this little control over their belongings.

Trust your Child

Trusting your child is the key to a kids self-learning process. If you keep interrupting or checking on kids, it would never turn into self-learning. We understand that you want to keep checking but do it unnoticeably. Do not become a helicopter parent and give your child space to learn. Self-guided learning in kids roots from the trust of their parents or guardians. Your trust in your kids gives them the confidence to try new things and learn from the experiences.

Have a Serious Conversation with Kids

Kids are much more intelligent than we think. Their observation is very sharp and they absorb everything. Once in a while have a serious conversation with your children. Take their opinions on important matters and validate them. This is a great help for self-guided learning in kids

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