6 Gross Motor Toy Ideas You Can't Resist

Motor skills are very important in your growing child. Their gross motor skills define their daily movements. These skills help them be independent in using their hands. As we all have seen babies struggling to hold things, we facilitate them with toys that assist them in improving their gross motor skills. The progress will be exponential. If you are having difficulty in choosing the gross motor toy for your child then we have made a list of the best toy ideas for your child’s motor skills practice.

Stepping Stools Balance

Stepping stools balance the toy, you can buy it from the market or make it at home too. You need a few small buckets or stools and your child needs to cross them without putting their feet on the ground. This teaches kids amazing balancing skills. It is one of the best toy ideas because it is economical too.

Horse Hopper

Horse hopper is a phenomenal gross motor toy for young kids. It's easily available in the market. The kids just have to sit on it and hop around. In the beginning, the hopping would be a little wobbly but with practice, it would get better. It is soft and safe for toddlers to use. These qualities help this toy make it into the best toy ideas list.

Tunnel Play

Another gross motor toy that you can introduce to your kids is tunnel play. Kids love to play with tunnels and roam in and out of them. You can buy a tent house with a tunnel or only a tunnel, both would do the wonder. It is also a very easy toy to store as it gets folded well. 

Ride-on Vehicles

When your child starts walking and has full control of the walk, you can get a ride on a vehicle that would help your child to work on other motor skills. For example, moving the vehicle with the help of legs. There is so much variety in ride-on vehicles for kids and all of them are useful in enhancing their gross motor skills.

⇢ Ride on Scooter

⇢ Ride on Excavator

⇢ Ride on Digger

Ride on excavator and digger has a control panel and your child can learn to control the buckets of digger and excavator.

Throw the Ring

Throw a ring is a classic gross motor skill toy and can not be ignored in best toy ideas. It is a simple tower and your child has to throw rings around the tower. This toy has two steps. First, the kid has to make the tower that is stacking the blocks. Then the kids can use it to throw rings.

Bowling Play Set

Bowling is a very well enjoyed game for adults. You can find its gross motor toy version in the market. This bowling playset comes with a few bowling pins and bowling balls. You can place them anywhere and your child can practice hitting as many pins as possible. It is great gross motor skills exercise for toddlers and even for young kids.

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