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Kids' birthdays are the most celebrated event in Pakistan. Everyone wants to be around their little kid, especially on a birthday. But if you are away from your newborn infant and kids or you are unable to meet them on their special occasions then, there is still a way you can make them feel your presence to cherish them on their big day. Yes, you can do it by sending them kids toys and customized children's cake on their birthday. 

Birthday Cakes

At, you can order kid's toys and icing customized cakes from our wide cake collection and send them to your small kids in Pakistan. No matter where you live, your desired kid's cake will be delivered to your children on their birthday and will make their day more special. And, if you live in Pakistan then you can order it from any city.

Send Birthday Cakes to Pakistan:

From, you can deliver kid's cakes to Pakistan from different countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and surprise your family without any delivery charges. 

Collection of Birthday Cakes:

For birthday parties, we bake kid’s birthday cakes made with high-quality raisins, walnuts, sprinkles, flavors (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg), and a lot of fruit purée. A few formulas and ingredients include the structure of dark chocolate. The attractive and customized topping makes a decent nibble cake unfrosted or can be spruced up with a penuche (chestnut sugar) icing.

Birthday cakes

Apart from this, we will have a huge collection of fondant and non-fondant kid’s birthday cakes which you can choose and buy in any place over Pakistan. It’s going to be the best way to surprise your beloved kids and family members.

Types of Cakes for birthday:

You can choose any type of kids cake from below to buy for your kid’s birthday.  

Angel Food Cake: It is a light, flourless cake made with sugar, cream of tartar, salt, vanilla, or extract of almond. A lot of egg whites are added to this cake according to the formula. There is no raising. The cake is commonly heated in a tube container. It is presented with berries and whipped cream, despite the fact that it is plain or with a pastry sauce or any other sauce of your own or your family's choice.

Small Cake: 

These are very light sustenance cakes. You can choose these cakes to send to Pakistan as they are perfect for any small event or party. 

Fruit Purée Cake: 

A cake is made with high-quality raisins, walnuts, flavors (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg), and a lot of fruit purée. A few formulas and ingredients include a square of preparing chocolate. The special kid cake makes a decent nibble cake unfrosted or can be spruced up with a penuche (chestnut sugar) icing. You can choose this cake if your kid is fond of walnut cakes. 

Other Toys icing Kids Cake: 

Some kid’s cakes are made by heating them in barrel-shaped molds, containing raisins or currants, produced using yeast mixture and splashed with sugar syrup, Disney icon ordinarily seasoned with rum. This cake is my most favorite and is liked by a lot of people. So you can choose these kids' cakes for free delivery in Pakistan in case your kids love to see such types of cakes. 


This type of cake includes a yeast ring starting in Eastern Europe, heated with raisins or other dried natural product in the mixture. Like espresso cake, without the coating or anything else. Today it likewise is additionally made fit as a fiddle. Buy this type of kid’s cake in Pakistan to make your little infant feel your presence there. 

Prepared Alaska Cake: 

The sweet kid's cake is full of frozen yogurt encased in meringue and cooked on a stove. This cake is also available for free home delivery to any city in Pakistan. 

Other varieties in kid’s birthday cake include strawberry, chocolate, buttercream, coffee, black forest, molten lava, and fondant cake. You can go through the list of available kid’s cakes at and buy them in Pakistan without any delivery charges.

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