Interactive Indoor Games Ideas for Toddlers

If you have got kids at home, you already know the importance of playtime for them. One of the big issues parents face is to keep kids entertained at home. Kids love to stay outside and it becomes a hard task for parents to bring them inside. Toddlers specially make a big scene when you try to bring them inside the houses. Also, parents sometimes feel too that toddlers might not be able to learn much inside. We have a solution to your confusion. You can keep your toddlers inside the house and help them learn new things. All you need to do is plan some indoor games for them. Interactive indoor games for toddlers will keep your toddlers hooked and informed. Here are some options you can use for your toddlers.

Sorting Games

Sorting games are the best interactive indoor games that you can play with your toddlers. Toddlers are in their peak learning stage and indoor games that incorporate sorting of different objects and elements will be memorized almost immediately. Here are some of the sorting games for toddlers that you can easily organize at home.

⇢ Colors Sorting

⇢ Shape Sorting

⇢ Rice and Pulses Activity

⇢ Sort different kinds of Pasta

Some of the games such as colors and shapes can easily be found in the kids’ toys stash. You can use daily use of home and cooking things to teach sorting to your toddlers. They would love to sort pulses from the rice. 

Touch and Feel the Texture Games

Touch and Feel activities can be so much fun for toddlers and adults. This is one of the very easy indoor games that you can conveniently plan at home. All you need is a few textures from home and you are good to go. Put different textures in trays or without trays. First, play with your toddlers and discuss different textures and how they feel. Then you can make games for toddlers that include touching and feeling the texture and then guessing it. 

Floor is Lava

You must have played on the floor of lava in your childhood. Introduce it to your toddlers, we assure you it is still as engaging. It keeps kids moving and hoping. It is a great indoor game for a reason. Your kid learns to balance and also decision-making is a huge part of the game. Now it might sound funny but we all know how important it is to avoid the floor. The win depends on the decisions of where we jump next. Games for toddlers need to be interesting and Floor is lava has always been loved by kids of all ages.

Bead in the String

Another indoor game that you can play with your toddler is to teach them to put beads in the strings. You can find these designed indoor games for kids in the market and you can whiz it up at home too. You can hand over the penne pasta to your toddlers and ask them to put it in the string. This game is a great help in improving their motor skills.

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